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Automatic Escaping of SQL Parameters

Escaping of SQL parameters in PHP is an needlessly tedious and error-prone process. Calling the right escaping function for every parameter that might be dangerous is a difficult task in a big project. This is just dangerous and calls for SQL-Injection-Attacks.

It’s obvious we need a uniform query function that automatically does the escaping for us. Perl-style parameter binding seems to be just the right choice. You can write your query, insert placeholders in the form of :n and pass the parameters to our function. The function automatically detects the datatype of the parameter for us and escapes it if needed.

    'SELECT posts 
        FROM blog 
            status = :2
            AND created = :1',

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Tuesday, August 21st 2007 / Comments (4)

Generic Syntax Highlighting with Regular Expressions

Ever tried to display syntax highlighted program code with PHP? There are some solutions, which are either totally overblown, produce horrible markup or need an external program.

I obviously didn’t like any of these, so I wrote my own syntax highlighting function for PHP. This function works great for a whole number of C-Style languages, but can also be used for SQL and many others. Read on for some examples and the highlighting code itself.

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Thursday, August 2nd 2007 / Comments (7)