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Rotate to Landscape to play!
– requires a WebVR capable Browser.


WASD / Mouse

Move/Strafe: W A S D
Shoot: Mouse1
Run: Mouse2
Change Weapon: Mousewheel


Move/Turn: Left Stick/Right Stick
Shoot: Right Shoulder Button, A
Run: Left Shoulder Button
Change Weapon: X, B


Move/Turn: Arrow Keys
Shoot: C or Ctrl
Run: X or Shift
Change Weapon: V

Click in the game or go fullscreen to enable mouse look


Your browser does not support WebGL. Try Chrome or Firefox.

Mobile Safari has WebGL support in iOS 8. The Game is also available in the AppStore


Concept, Environments & Programming: Dominic Szablewski, Character Design & Artwork: Justin Spice, Music: Andreas Lösch, Special Thanks To: Sebastian Gerhard, Dennis Praschak, Henning Schuetz, Brandon Jones, Benjamin Hartmann