Dominic Szablewski, @phoboslab
— Friday, June 6th 2008

Comment Spam 2.0

My last post created quite a buzz – and gathered all kinds of celebrities on my blog!

It all started with these few comments

Hola, Lead Architect from Digg here (…)
~Joe Stump

Founder of PBwiki here, (…)
~David Weekly

Hi – CTO of PBwiki here, (…)
~Nathan Schmidt

Followed by this one.

Hey – Tim Berners-Lee here, Creator of the World Wide Web. Keep up the good work.
~Tim Berners-Lee

I thought it was funny enough, so I didn’t delete it. Unfortunately Tim Berners-Lee attracted all kinds of other well known personalities, including Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bruce Waine, Clark Kent, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, God and others. I’ve saved a few of these comments here.

Hello, my child. This is the Almighty Creator, God of Abraham and David. Bless you for making my universe a better place; I’ve now reserved a special place for you right by my side.

Sauron, Lord of the Rings here. The check is in the mail.
~Dark Lord of Mordor

Hey, FSM here. Do not fight, my children. I touch you all with my noodly appendage. these vulnerabilities are all part of your intended design. For example, placed reproductive organs in males’ waist areas. It is very effective to kick in these areas when under attack.
~Flying Spaghetti Monster

Hola, attorney for Digg here. Expect a lawsuit in the next few days. I know, I know… you didn’t do anything wrong. Its just corp policy to fling lawsuits at people who poke us… scares them off. You won’t get in any real legal trouble we just want to force a few legal bills on you… kind of our way of ticketing you for speeding (lol… speeding as in messing with us). Toodles!
~Lance Pierce

Who is going to answer your phone call to the White House at 3 AM?
~Hillary Clinton

Hola, Barrack Obama here, good tip
~Barrack Obama

Hello, Osama Bin Laden here, thanks for helping me understand exploits in the American internet system. If you find anymore feel free to email me at Osama (at) LoLCats (dot) org! And death to the American Infadels!
~Osama Bin Laden

Pff… Osama wouldn’t say thanks.
~Gabe O’Reily

Dude, that JUST happened.
~Kent, Clark

Shut up Superman, the Flash is totally 10 times better than you.
~Waine, Bruce

HI! Hill dawg here. That’s Clinton with no B just a H. So glad you closed the security holes in digg. The Osama (I mean Obama) campaign used them to increase positive stories about his campaign. Unfair tactics! We fight on strong! Please donate!
~H. Clinton

Hola, George Dubya here. I just stumbled on this web site while computing around on the interweb. I would like to thank you for fixing a whole in the American defence against terrorism. I would also like to thank my friends Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Superman, and Batman for reading this article and agreeing with me. I’m glad Condi stopped us from waterboarding you so you could have found this error.
~George W. Bush

Hi! Just a regular guy here, wanna chat? I put on my robe and wizard hat.

Fitness Celebrity John Basedow here. You’re doing great, but you need to work on the way you stand with your shoulders perpendicular to the camera. Standing at an angle will make your pecs look waaay bigger, and shave that chest, no one wants to see that. If you ever need any Fitness Celebritying feel free to contact me directly in the future at
~John Basedow

So thats basically what you get, when you attract a lot of people from Digg.

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