This list is non-exhaustive. There's some more side projects on Github and listed in my blog.


A simple, reasonably fast JSON decoder written in C. Single header, MIT licensed. 2024.


QOA, The Quite OK Audio Format

An alternative lossy audio compression format, focusing on simplicity and performance. 2023.

Website / Github / Anouncement

QOI, The Quite OK Image Format

A novel lossless image compression format with a focus on extreme simplicity. 2021.

Website / Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement, Specification

Magic Webcam

Video streaming from your iPhone's Camera to any Browser in your local network, released in 2022. Formerly known as ”Instant Webcam” (2013).

Website / AppStore


MPEG1 Video decoder, MP2 Audio decoder and MPEG-PS demuxer as a single-file MIT licensed library for C/C++. 2019.

Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement


A PHP Content Management Library for static sites using flat files for storage. Initial release in 2018.

Website / Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement


An embedable Crypto-Miner for the Web; caused the invention of the term Cryptojacking (sorry). Launched in 2017, sold in 2018. Now defunkt.

Quake VR

A port of the classic Quake by id software enables support for the Oculus Rift VR Headset. Initial release in 2013.

Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement, Oculus Rift DK2, Oculus Rift CV1


A windows executable that streams your Desktop over WebSockets to Browsers. 2015.

Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement

wipEout Model Viewer

A reverse engineering effort of the original WipEout for the PSX. 2015.

Website / Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement

WebGL Image Filters

Fast image filters using WebGL. 2013.

Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement


An MPEG1 decoder for JavaScript. Loads static files or streams low latency video via WebSockets. Initial release in 2013.

Website / Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement, Rewrite


An Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio implementation for iOS. 2012

Website / Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement


One of the first HTML5 Game Engines. Launched in 2010, Open Source since 2018.

Website / Github / Blog Post: iOS Build, Anouncement, Sales Report, Open Source


Self hosted micro-blogging platform, focusing on collecting links and images from the web. 2008.

Website / Github / Blog Posts: Anouncement, Beta 2, 1.0 Release


The largest Image Board in Germany, with content somewhere in between reddit and 4chan. Launched in 2007, sold in 2015.


Quake Maps

Maps for Quake 3 (2000 — 2006). I credit this lovely game for getting me into programming.


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