My Name is Dominic Szablewski.
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I Write Sometimes

Articles and Comments from the Blog I began writing 8 Years ago

Latest Posts on my blog

Impact Is Now Free & Open Source 05/2018

My HTML5 Game Engine Impact is now available for free.

Decode It Like It's 1999 02/2017

Behind the scenes of my MPEG1/MP2 decoder, written in JavaScript

Quake for Oculus Rift 05/2016

The founding father of First Person Shooters updated for VR.

The Absolute Worst Way To Read Typed Array Data with JavaScriptCore 11/2015

My journey to read some data from JavaScript Typed Arrays in a fast way.

Older, Noteworthy Articles

Reverse Engineering WipEout 04/2015

A Model Viewer for the original WipEout for PSX. A detailed journey into the 20 year old data formats of the game.

Xibalba – A WebGL First Person Shooter 07/2014

The screencast/making-of of a simple 3D game for WebGL

9 Years of Sleep 05/2010

Weird sleep cycles produce pretty graphs.

Selected Comments

I still hold out hope for additional significant scalar improvements, but the pessimistic view would be that current C/C++ code is faster than Javascript will ever get. EVER. John Carmack on ‘Letter to John Carmack’
MPEG-1 is actually one of the easiest to parse video formats that have been in common use; everything that came after it is more complex. KeyJ on ‘MPEG1 Video Decoder in JavaScript’
I've actually run into quite a few cases where I use requestAnimationFrame as a one-shot call. Typically this is because I recognize some part of my UI needs to be redrawn. Brandon Jones on ‘What the requestAnimationFrame API Should Have Looked Like’

I Build Games

My Previously Published HTML5 & Mobile Arcade Games

Xibalba 2014

Play in Browser App Store

Fight your way through the Mayan Underworld in this retro First Person Shooter. The path leads you through lush jungles, eerie catacombs and high tech bases filled with dangerous creatures, traps, vital powerups and weapons.

X-Type 2012

Play in Browser App Store

X-Type is a crazy space Shoot'em'Up with endless boss battles. Each time you defeat a boss, the next one will come back even bigger and meaner.

Z-Type 2011

Play in Browser App Store

A Type-to-shoot Space Shoot'em'up. Winner of the Mozilla Game On, Community Choice Award.

Biolab Disaster 2010

Play in Browser App Store Google Play

Fight your way through an infected Biolab in this Jump'n'Run. Use your Plasma Gun to shoot everything that moves! There are 3 levels to explore and 6 types of enemies to fight.

Plan 9 2012

Play in Browser

Build by two friends and me for a common friend's birthday. Explosive arcade action with top-notch sound effects.

Krix' Radical Race 2013

Play in Browser

And endless scrolling hover bike escape race (on Planet Mars).

Drop 2010

Play in Browser App Store

A simple "Inverse Doodle Jump" featuring retro graphics and addictive gameplay.

Yuckfu 2009

Website App Store

Help a cute robot collect crates and avoid crashing into walls. Frantic arcade action with 3D graphics.

I Work on Projects

My Commercial and Open Source Efforts That Keep Me Busy

Impact 2010–


Impact is a JavaScript Game Engine that allows you to develop stunning HTML5 Games for desktop and mobile browsers.

Ejecta 2012–

Project Page Github

Ejecta is an Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation for iOS. It's like a Browser without the Browser; specially crafted for Games and Animations. It has no DIVs, no Tables, no Forms – only Canvas and Audio elements. This focus makes it fast.

Asaph 2009

Project Page Github

Asaph is a micro-blogging system, focusing on collecting links and images from other pages. It allows you to post content directly from any page you are on. Asaph is not a full blown blog and it does not aim to be one — it just does this one task, but it's pretty good at it.