Dominic Szablewski, @phoboslab
— Thursday, March 5th 2009

Redesign – Yes, Again

The nice thing of having a minimalist layout is that you can change the complete look of your site with relatively little effort. Still, this redesign took a while. I spent most of the time to come up with something I liked and then some more to throw it away and start over again.

One of my goals for this redesign was to improve readability. Since most of this Blog’s content is text – not images or videos – it didn’t really make sense to have a dark background like the old design in the first place. The result probably won’t win any awards for creativity, but it’s functional.

I learned a lot about typography and classical grid layouts in last few months, so I tried to apply some of it here (I'm still at the “I don't need InDesign; I can build my print layouts in Pages!” stage). The most obvious change is probably the font size. I'm now using a huge 16px base font that really isn’t that huge. I also switched to Helvetica/Arial which looks so much nicer on the headlines than Trebuchet-MS did.

There were also some bugs and quirks under the hood that were in desperate need of getting fixed. It should be all working now. If you still find something that looks odd, please let me know.

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