Dominic Szablewski, @phoboslab
— Tuesday, April 14th 2009

Yuckfu Dev Diary #10 – It’s Beta Time!

Finally, Yuckfu is in (closed) beta! I managed to include all the features I initially had planned. This includes the online Highscore table and replays, original music, several background animations and tons of polish. I have to say, it worked out far better than I could ever have imagined. The game looks, feels and also sounds great.

So right now I have some friends testing the game, while I iron out the last bugs. I’ll probably submit it to Apple before the end of the week. I’m also working on a trailer and a minisite for the game, so there's still some stuff to do.

I also have a lot more technical details to share, but this will have to wait until after the game is released. First things first.

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